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Our story is the compendium of unfinished travels through change. We wish, we hope and most importantly, we try. We are trained to try. Training in the science and arts of healing and wellness is couples with the commitment to serve. We provide service to those who have not been able to experience the basic elements and joys of life. Those whose greatest possessions are often despair, confusion, and involuntary discrimination.

We specialize in those with origins from East Asia and the Pacific Rim. They have stretched to come to a new land with different customs, rules and tongues. Our norm is something they must cope with, and what we find difficult may be a hill too steep.

Many started with abundant skill sets, hope and pride. And many are often encumbered by Asian cultural pride which does not wish to admit weakness or ask for help. We understand the cultural nuances and languages which offer the safety from which one can build trust, strength and resilience. From this emerge functional individuals, families and communities. These are our values, services and people who serve. Join our journey, make a difference.