In Memory of Edwin Mah Lee

ACMHS is deeply saddened by the loss of The Honorable Edwin Mah Lee, the Mayor of San Francisco.

Mayor Ed Lee was an exceptional friend. He was a calm, enduring and gracious friend. He was a champion of the City and the entire region. He was a champion of health care. While he was the Director of Public Works he led the process for the replacement of San Francisco General Hospital, and looked in on and supported the progress of Chinese Hospital. Both projects, now completed, are significant additions to modern state of the art health care resources in San Francisco.

Recently, Mayor Ed Lee called for an additional $30 million for mental health and homeless services in the new budget.

This was to develop 40 new mental health beds at San Francisco General Hospital, a drop-in and shower center for Tenderloin homeless, and options to give people an alternative to living on the streets.

While ACMHS has played a major role in mental health in the East Bay, ACMHS has recently joined Chinese Hospital team to offer psychiatric and counseling at its new hospital and a new clinics site. This in part due to encouragement from those related to the Chinese Hospital program and Mayor Lee.

Philip Sun, Executive Director for ACMHS noted: “Mayor Lee’s contributions and the manner by which he achieved such significant accomplishments is a model and a memory we will cherish. He was a great man that made great contributions which will continue to affect all the communities that make up the San Francisco Bay Area.”